Could You Boost the WiFi Signal with Outdoor 4G CPE Router?

When you travel or go to some remote regions, you may be annoyed with the poor signal. Is there any way to get a strong WiFi router signal outdoor in a 4G LTE network? Greatly, the V-SOL outdoor 4G CPE router would be a good choice!

Part I. What is the Outdoor 4G CPE Router?

V-SOL outdoor 4G CPE router XYC1841 is different from a WiFi-only router, which needs to connect with the fiber-optic network. The 4G CPE WiFi router can receive the operator’s 4G LTE network signals and convert them into broadband and Wi-Fi. You only need to insert a SIM card with a data plan to enjoy a stable and reliable WiFi signal with family and friends. This outdoor CPE can be used in harsh environments. Your device can receive better 4G signals if you installed the router outdoor or near the windows in areas with weak 4G signal coverage.

Part II. What are the Features of the Outdoor 4G CPE Router?

1. Better Network with ODU and IDU

V-SOL 4G CPE outdoor router XYC1841 includes an outdoor unit (ODU) and an indoor unit (IDU). It’s beneficial to help your device receive the best outdoor cellular signals through the ODU and connect to the indoor WiFi router with a network cable to experience a better network speed.
As the below picture shows, the outdoor LTE CPE (ODU) is installed outside, which connects to the indoor WiFi router (IDU) by network cable. The whole 4G devices are powered by POE. The data will transmit via the same Ethernet cable and there is no need to connect the ODU to an electrical outlet.

2. High speed and multiple users available

The outdoor 4G CPE takes with the built-in 4G LTE modem and 5dBi high-gain antenna. LTE CAT4 offers a download rate of up to 150 Mbps and a WiFi rate of 300Mbps, enabling connections of 32 users at the same time.
 The high-gain antenna of the outdoor 4G CPE router makes it own higher power, strong signal transmission and reception capability than that of the mobile phone. Therefore, the CPE router can receive the signals if your mobile phone is unable to get the signals in some areas. Sometimes you also use your mobile phone as a hotspot to share the Internet access function with your friends, right? Similarly, this 4G LTE CPE router allows 32 users to connect to the WiFi simultaneously, which enables more users connections and receives better signals than a mobile phone sharing hotspot. Besides, the IDU has 4 Lan ports, you can also use a network cable to connect to devices for network connection, which is also a backup method for the Internet.

3. Great performance and design for outdoor

On the one hand, the outdoor LTE CPE is waterproof, UV-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It can be applied under -20℃~60℃ working temperature. Thus, it’s really suitable for deploying outdoor. On the other hand, there are various installation methods. The CPE can be installed with a mounting bracket to mount on the window or wall. Fastening it on an antenna mast is also workable. Moreover, It’s convenient for the users to find the best position of getting a better 4G signal with the LED indicator showing the signal strength.

4. Support different frequency bands

The outdoor 4G CPE supports various frequency bands, including LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, 3G WCDMA, and 2G GSM network frequency bands. It meets the demand for the different frequency bands in different regions and makes full use of network resources.

5. Convenient management of CPE

It is convenient to launch the web browser to log in to the web management page to configure and manage the CPE. The web management system supports Linux. What’s more, plenty of functions is provided such as WebUI management, Telnet, status monitoring of SSH Terminals System, NTP client, network synchronization of device and system clock, and import and export of configuration files.

6. Suitable for various application scenarios

The CPE aims to provide ISPs or operators with4G LTE outdoor wifi routers, which do good to convenient network connections and brings users a wonderful network experience whether they are at home or in the enterprises and remote areas. 

ALL in all, the outdoor 4G CPE router XYC1841 is a great choice for connecting to the Internet in remote areas and somewhere with a weak signal, unstable wired network, or lack of reliable WiFi. It’s worth deploying the outdoor CPE in the countryside, coasts, boats, caravans, campsites, and remote areas to enjoy the best network speeds and outdoor activities! It can even reduce complex cabling deployments for home networks without the expense of wired fiber network installations.


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