Managed PoE Switch (V21XX Series)

Model: V21XX Series (PoE)
Spec: 8/16/24GE(RJ45, PoE) Ports Managed Switches



V21XX L2 Managed PoE Switches

Product Features

V21XX L2 Managed PoE Switches Product Features

Gigabit Managed PoE Switch

 Gigabit V21XX L2 Managed PoE Switch

Multi-management for Worry-free Remote Access

Managed PoE Switches VS Lite Managed PoE Switches

More Ports for Easy Expansion

V21XX Series More Ports for Easy Expansion

Intelligent Power Supply to Simplify Installation

V21XX Series Intelligent Power Supply to Simplify Installation

Stable and Safe, Lightning-proof and Anti-static

V21XX Series Product Lightning-proof and Anti-static

Diverse Scenarios, Ultra-high Performance

V21XX Series products can be used in Diverse Scenarios

Technical Parameters

Parameters V2108-2S-P V2116-2G-2S-P V2124-4G-4S-P
Port 8*GE(RJ45, POE)
+2*GE(Uplink portSFP)
16*GE(RJ45, POE)
+2*GE(Uplink portSFP)
+2*GE(Uplink portRJ45)
24*GE(RJ45, POE)
+4*GE(Uplink portSFPCombo)
+4*GE(Uplink portRJ45)
Product Dimension (LxWxH) 268*181*44mm 440*204*44mm 440*280*44mm
N.W 1.08kg 2.78kg 3.65kg
Package Dimension (LxWxH) 312*262*84mm 500*290*85mm 500*365*85mm
G.W 1.62kg 3.44kg 4.36kg
Switching Capacity(Gbps) 20 40 56
Packet Forwarding rate(Mpps) 14.88 29.76 41.66
Packet Buffer
4 4 4
MAC Address 8000 8000 8000
Jumbo Frame 9.6 Kbytes 9.6 Kbytes 9.6Kbytes
Transfer Mode Storage & Forward Storage & Forward Storage & Forward
Power Voltage Input:
AC 100~240V/50Hz~60Hz Output: 52V/2.3A
Input: AC 100~240V/50Hz~60Hz Input: AC 100~240V/50Hz~60Hz
Surge protection Common Mode 6KV; ESD: Air 8KV, Contact 6KV Common Mode 6KV, ESD 8KV air, 6KV Contact Common Mode 6KV, ESD 8KV air, 6KV Contact
Whole Machine power ≦120W ≦300W ≦400W
PWR(Power Indicator): (1)Lighting,Powered (2)Un-Light,No Power
SYS(System Indicator):(1)Lighting,System Running(2)Flashing,System Start-up
PoE(PoE Indicator):   (1)Lighting,PoE on (2)Un-Light,PoE off
Link/ACT(Link & Data) (1)Lighting,</span


Ordering Information

V21XX Series (PoE) Ordering Info

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