WDM passive mini node

Model: V8601C-P



 Product introduction

The V8601C-P CATV Passive optical receiver is designed for digital TV fiber to the home. It adopts a high-sensitivity optical receiver tube, no power supply, and no power consumption.
When input optical power Pin=0dBm, output level Vo=58dBμV. It can be economically and flexibly used in the application of fiber to the home. Built-in WDM, CATV bandwidth 1550±20nm.

Interface Description
Port Type Function Detailed description
1 RF OUT RF OUT, F connector
2 PON 1490/1310mn data interface SC/PC
3 Optical Input 1550/1490/1310mn Optical input SC/APC
 Technical parameters
Description value Notes
Optical Characteristics wavelength (nm) 1540~1563 CATV
1550/1490/1310 Com port
1490/1310 For ONT
Response (A/W) ≥0.85 1310nm
≥0.9 1550nm
Optical Power Input Range (dBm) +2 ~ -9
Optical Return loss (dB) ≥55
connector SC/APC
RF Characteristics Bandwidth (MHz) 45 ~ 1050
output level (dBμV) >60±2 Digital TvPin0dBm
output impendence (Ω) 75
Output port 1
RF connector F connector imperial
Digital TV link Characteristics OMI (%) 4.3
MER (dB) ≥33 Pin= -5dBm
BER (dB) <1.0E-9 Pin= -5dBm
Physical Characteristics Operating Temperature () -20 ~ +50
Storage Temperature () -40 ~ +85
Working Humidity (%) 5 ~ 95  
Dimensions nm 75X 55X 28

Technical Parameters


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