V-SOL OLT Management Software Introduction: Cloud BS-EMS

In the market, most businesses like Huawei or ZTE offer CS-EMS to manage the OLT (Optical Line Terminal). V-SOL also has this software. However, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of management, V-SOL developed a brand-new system BS-EMS, which would bring operators a better experience and users a securer network. Now let’s start to learn more about BS-EMS!

Part I. What is BS-EMS?

BS-EMS refers to Element Management System integrated with BS (Browser/Server) architecture. There are five aspects that EMS makes a difference in, which include fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security. As for BS, compared with CS which is set up on LAN and offers connection and data exchange via a special server between LANs, it is built on LAN and has a wider application range.

✔ BS-EMS is a local end management system, which is mainly used for the registration, management, monitoring of the OLT.
It’s capable of monitoring the operation and configuration of the devices through connecting Web client-side and BS-EMS server-side.
The system connects to the OLT through the TCP management tunnel.

Part II. Features of BS-EMS

The functions of BS-EMS can be divided into three aspects involving system and equipment management, data collection and analysis, data security maintenance.

1. System and Equipment Management

• Rest API: The system provides API interface for external development.
• Equipment Management: Not only is it capable of adding, searching and counting the devices, but also it can manage the equipment configuration and batch upgrading the equipment.
• User Management: It supports adding users, managing roles and authority, and monitoring user operation logging.

2. Data Collection & Analysis

• Equipment Data: BS-EMS can collect equipment performance, traffic and online and offer logs.
• Alarm Data: including the query, export, data delivery to mailbox, and voice control of alarm
• System Data: Analyzing the system resource usage and Tomcat JVM permission
• Data Backup: Back up data automatically as planned or master-slave ones.
• Analysis and Graphical Display

3. Data Security Maintenance

• Cloud Platform: It’s easy for operators to deploy with one click and they can operate and maintain anytime and anywhere.
• Master & Slave Server Backup: Recovering data when something goes wrong and maintaining the services uninterrupted.
• Batch Management: Bath upgrading devices and backup configuration files.
• System Security & Maintenance: User decentralized management, monitoring of logging, alarm collection and e-mail delivery.

Part III. Compared with CS-EMS, why choose BS-EMS?

Shown as the above frame, BS-EMS is applied in WAN instead of LAN, which has a greater capacity. The number of OLT that BS-EMS can manage reaches 10 thousand, five times as much as CS-EMS can manage. What’s more, BS-EMS supports Linux besides Windows. As for the Protocol, BS-EMS uses TCP for connection and SNMO for encapsulation. V-SOL also develop the App of BS-EMS on mobile, which enables the operators to monitor the real-time status of OLT and solve problems conveniently and quickly.

Notes: Here is the application topology diagram:

Part IV. Related Products: V-SOL EPON/GPON OLT

There are several types of V-SOL EPON/GPON OLT including 16 ports, 8 ports, 4 ports, etc. The OLT router is small and flexible with high performance. Moreover, they are easy to deploy and compatible with all brands of ONU. It’s great to apply the ONU in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and other scenarios.

Here is the introduction of V-SOL OLT management software BS-EMS. Check more on the video below! If you have any problems, comment to let us know!
✔ If you would like to learn more about V-SOL BS-EMS, you can check the related files including the software installation documents and user manual on the firmware download page.
✔ If you want the download files of V-SOL BS-EMS for Linux, please contact our support team via support@vsolcn.com.


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