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Single Port GPON OLT

V1600GS is a box-type GPON OLT with one PON port. The price of V1600GS is very attractive and the performance is very strong. The splitting ratio of its PON port is 1:128, and the farthest transmission distance is 20KM. Its uplink and downlink bandwidth is as high as: 1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps. V1600GS can be widely used in FTTH, SOHO, small business office and other application scenarios.

Model: V1600GS
PON Port: 1 GPON OLT SFP slots
Uplink: 2 RJ45 + 1 SFP/SFP+
Material: Steel Shell

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Tags:  XGS-PONONU/ONTOLTCPEWiFi Mesh RouterSwitch

This is a Single Port GPON OLT only, if you need other  for it, please check our product categories.

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Quick Details of V1600GS Single Port GPON OLT


GPON Ports

    1 GPON OLT SFP slots

    Up to 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.25Gbps upstream

    Maximum transfer distance of up to 20km

    Each PON port supports up to 128 ONT/HGU

    Compliant with G.984/G.988


GPON Function

    Tcont DBA

    Gemport traffic

    In compliant with ITU-T984.x standard

    Up to 20KM transmission Distance

    Support data encryption, multi-cast, port VLAN, separation, etc

    Support ONT auto-discovery/link detection/remote upgrade of software

    Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm

    Support power-off alarm function, easy for link problem detection

    Support broadcasting storm resistance function


Layer2 Feature

    1K Mac address

    Support 4096 VLANs

    Support port VLAN

    Support VLAN tag/Un-tag, VLAN transparent transmission

    Support storm control based on port

    Support port isolation

    Support port rate limitation

    Support 802.1D and 802.1W

    Access control list

    IEEE802.x flow control

    Port stability statistic and monitoring


Management Function

    Telnet, CLI, WEB;

    Port Status monitoring and configuration management

    Online ONT configuration and management

    User management

    Alarm management


Categories:All Products

Tags:  XGS-PONONU/ONTOLTCPEWiFi Mesh RouterSwitch

GE/10GE Uplink PortQTY3
GPON Port SpecificationQTY1
Fiber Type9/125μm SM
ConnectorSC/UPC, Class C++
GPON port speedUpstream 1.244Gbps, Downstream 2.488Gbps
WavelengthTX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
Max splitting ratio1:128
Transmission Distance20KM
TX Power7dBm
Rx Sensitivity-34dBm
Saturation Optical Power-8dBm
Management Ports1*CONSOLE port, 1*USB Type-C
Backplane Bandwidth (Gbps)16
Port Forwarding Rate(Mpps)23.808
Management ModeConsole/WEB/Telnet/CLI
Lightning protection levelPower supply6KV
Device Interface4KV


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