Understanding FTTx: Difference between ONU and ONT

Generally, ONT is ONU. The ONU can effectively improve the uplink bandwidth utilization of the entire system and configure channel bandwidth based on the network application environment and service characteristics. In this way, it can carry as many terminal users as possible without affecting communication efficiency and quality, improve network utilization and reduce user costs. They both are terminal devices to connect users in a passive optical network.

However, technically, there still are some differences in some aspects. Read on the learn more details.

1. Definition

ONU refers to optical network unit. It comes from IEEE standard.

ONT refers to optical network terminal. It comes from ITU-T standard.

2. Deployment

In a passive optical network (PON), there is a passive optical splitter between OLT and ONU/ONT. The ONU/ONT will collect and cache the Ethernet data that users require. Then, it sends the data to OLT according to the transmitting window assigned. It will also optionally receive data from OLT. The ONU/ONT will respond to OLT if it needs to receive the data.

However, there may be some other networks like Ethernet between ONU and users. The ONU is always set up outdoors. It may be placed in corridors and some public areas.

ONT is deployed on the users’ end directly. You can consider ONT as a part of ONU.

3. Types of ONU/ONT

Due to different functions, occasions and standards, there are various ONU/ONT such as xPON/EPON/GPON ONU, POE ONU, and CATV ONU. Also, according to the deployment occasions, ONU can be classified into SFU, HGU, SBU, MDU, MTU, etc.

Here we will mainly introduce HGU ONU, which is mostly applied in FTTH. For instance, the V-SOL 4GE+1POTS+ac WiFi+USB HGU ONU is designed for fulfilling the demand for FTTH and triple-play service.

The deployment strategy of the HGU ONU terminal is similar to the SFU ones except that the functions of the ONU and RG are integrated in hardware. Compared with SFU, it can realize more complicated functions of control and management.

You can learn more ONU/ONT routers on V-SOL’s product page. Comment below to let us know if you have any questions!


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