20*GE(SFP)+4*GE (SFP/RJ45 combo) + 4*10GE/GE(SFP+) Switch

Model: V3500-28X
Spec: 24*GE(SFP)+4*GE(RJ45,Combo)+4*10GE(SFP+) Dual power modules available in DC/AC,support hot-swap
Weight: 4.2kg


24 GE Ports | 3-Layers Routing | High Performance Chip Solution

24 GE Ports Managed Layer 3 Switch V3500-28X

High-Quality Solutions for a Higher-Quality Experience

V3500-28X adopts BCM solution and highly reliable carrier-class design.

Gigabit Ports with Full Wire-speed Forwarding

V3500-28X has Gigabit Ports with Full Wire-speed Forwarding

Plug-and-play for Hassle-free Installation

V3500-28X Plug-and-play for Hassle-free Installation

Secure and Stable, for a More Secure Application

V3500-28X Secure and Stable for a More Secure Application

Layer 3 Routing Protocols for Easier Configuration

Dynamic routing table reduces maintenance workload and is easy for network extension.

V3500-28X Layer 3 Routing Protocols for Easier Configuration

Technical Parameters

Chassis Rack 1U 19Inch Standard Box
1G User Port
Physical Interface RJ45
Forward Rate 1Gbps
User Port
QTY 24
Physical Interface SFP Slots
Forward Rate 1Gbps
Uplink Port
Physical Interface SFP+ Slots
Forward Rate 10Gbps
Dimension (L*W*H)   442*285*43.6mm
Weight   4.2kg
AC Power Supply   AC:100240V, 47/63Hz
DC Power Supply   DC: -48V
Power Consumption   35W
Operating Environment Working Temperature 0 ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity 5~90% (non-conditioning)
V3500-28X Ordering Info


Ordering Information

V3500-28X Ordering Info

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