L3 Routed Switching with 10G/100G Uplink in a Box-Type OLT

VSOL has always strived to be at the forefront of fiber optic communication access.

In the ever-changing market, we have always been committed to providing customers with excellent OLT products and were the first to integrate L3 routed switching, 10G/100G uplink in a box-type OLT, leading the entire industry in technological innovation.

New Integration of L3 Routed Switching

1. Leap in Network Performance: L3 routed switching technology effectively increases the network throughput and response speed of VSOL box-type OLT, makes real-time decisions on the best routes, significantly reduces delays, and improves network efficiency.

2. Enhance Network Security: Routing policy definition and management during packet transmission significantly enhances packet security and reduces network risk.

3. Increased Flexibility and Adaptability: VSOL OLT with integrated L3 routed switching is more flexible. It can be customized according to network requirements to optimize traffic and packet forwarding.

4. Better Network Topology Design: VSOL integrates L3 routed switching in the box OLT. It can optimize network connectivity and improve stability and reliability.

5. Broad Support for Multiple Applications: By applying this technology, VSOL OLT can better support a variety of scenarios. Such as video streaming, big data transmission, and real-time communication, thus improving applicability and versatility.


New Integration of 10G/100G Uplink Technology

10G/100G uplink technology has an important position in the network, which is mainly used in data centers, large enterprises, service providers, and other network environments:

1. Extremely Fast Increase of Data Transmission Rate: VSOL box-type OLT integrates 10G/100G uplink technology to significantly increase the data transmission rate, providing faster data transmission capability for large data centers and enterprise networks.

2. Comprehensive Network Throughput Improvement: By integrating high-speed uplink technology. VSOL box-type OLT can process and forward data faster, increasing network throughput. Meet the needs of large-scale data processing and high-speed transmission.

3. Network Performance Optimization: VSOL box-type OLT integrates 10G/100G uplink technology to not only improve data transmission rate but also improve network performance and reduce network latency.

4. Increased Reliability of Data Center and Enterprise Networks: The integration of high-speed uplink technology improves the reliability of VSOL OLT, increasing network stability and continuity.



VSOL has led the innovation of fiber access equipment by successfully integrating L3 routed switching and 10G/100G uplink technologies into the box-type OLT with outstanding technological innovation.

This major initiative not only promotes the development of the industry, but also provides users with more efficient and stable network connectivity. We will continue to innovate and contribute to the development of networks in the digital age.


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