Carrier-Level Aggregation L3 Ethernet Switch

Model: V5828
Spec: 24*10GE/GE(SFP+) ports
4*100GE/40GE(QSFP28) ports
Weight: 7.1kg


   Product introduct

V5828 is a new generation high-performance data center full 10GbE TOR switch launched by VSOL for high-performance cloud computing, data centers, and high-end parks. It adopts advanced hardware architecture design and provides high-level switching performance and rich data center business features in the industry.
The V5828 has 24 downlink 10GE ports and 4 100GE uplink ports. The backplane bandwidth is up to 800Gbps, and the throughput is up to 600Mpps. The V5828 software platform is developed based on independent intellectual property rights, integrating IPv6, MPLS VPN, network security, traffic analysis, virtualization stack, and other network services. While providing high-performance L2/L3/L4 line speed switching capabilities also combines multiple data center high-reliability technologies such as uninterrupted upgrade/forwarding, elegant restart, redundancy protection, etc., to ensure the network’s communication capability for the longest time.

   Technical parameters
Parameter V5828
Interfaces 24*10GE/GE (SFP+)+
4*100GE/40GE (QSFP28)
Console 1 RJ45, 1 MGMT
Backplane 800Gbps
Forwarding rate 600Mpps
Chassis Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 440x350x44
Weight(KG)(empty) 7.1
Package Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 576x448x94
Weight(KG) 8.3
Power consumption no-load 45W
full-load 70W
Power supply(hot-swop) AC:100V-240V, 50Hz±10% 2
Power status monitoring Support
Total output BTU (1000BTU/H=293W) 238.91
Fan number 4
Noise@25℃(dBA) 57
MTBF(H) 200,000
Forwarding mode Store-forward
DRAM(MB) 1024
Jumbo frame 16K
Routing table IPv4 16K
IPv6 12K
ARP table IPv4 10K
IPv6 10K
Total SVI 1K

Technical Parameters


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