About 4G LTE CPE Router: Market Prospect and Application

1. What’s the market prospect of 4G LTE CPE Router?

Although the 5G network is the general trend, the 5G technology and base station construction are not mature enough in plenty of areas. According to the research, quite a few regions including India, Indonesia, Chile, etc. are using the 4G network. Some countries like Yemen have not started adopting 4G. Even some undeveloped regions are still using 2G. Therefore, 3G/4G networks are playing an important role at present. In the following years, the demand for high-quality and low-cost 4G routers will increase.

4G LTE CPE Router

According to the customer’s procurement situation and market research, the market for 4G CPE can’t be ignored. Every year, many operators bid for 4G LTE routers. The number of operators bidding is large and a project often requires hundreds of thousands or millions of units.

The 4G CPE takes the advantages of more traffic, faster network speed, better signal, lower cost and stronger networking. It can create a mobile sharing, free and unbounded network life for the public. The biggest feature of the 4G router is that it is completely free from the shackles of the network cable and carried flexibly. It would be the best choice for those who don’t want to subscribe to expensive broadband services or cost installation. People who always travel or are on business also can choose 4G CPE.

In addition, the 4G CPE router can be widely applied in other fields. Many distributors for security products and the FTTX industry, GPON/EPON ONU have also started to sell 4G routers. Because the market share of CPE is larger than that of optical fiber and many scenarios require the use of 4G LTE CPE.

2. Application of the 4G LTE CPE router

The IoT application of LTE CPE router IoT applications ranges from power distribution automation, CNC machine tools, thermal metering transformation, elevators and other large equipment remote monitoring in the industrial field to the self-service terminal networking, multimedia advertising remote release, and parking guidance in the commercial field. It also can be seen in daily life as the application of public bicycle systems, WiFi buses, water source monitoring, etc.

As one of the world’s leading professional manufacturer in xPON products and CPE, V-SOL and Smilembb officially presented a high-performance indoor 4G LTE CPE router XMC1841.

Features of XMC1841:
 ● It provides 2 LAN Ports, 1 RJ11 Port, Type-C USB, and DC 12V 1A.
● 4* 5dBi High Gain External Antennas: There are 2 LTE external antennas & 2 WiFi external antennas, which contribute to stronger wireless signals and better penetration capacity of walls.
● The CPE device adopts smart performance chipset and the speed reaches up to 300Mbps.
● Easy to set up and manage: WebUI, TR069 remote management and FOTA support
● VPN Protocol: IPSec VPN, PPTP VPN & L2TP VPN
● Usage scenario: Indoor, Home, office, etc.
● Plug and Play: Insert the SIM card and acquire WiFi signal anytime and anywhere

Besides the indoor CPE, there is outdoor CPE XKC7243 that can be set up outside with waterproof, shock-resistant and lightning-protection characteristics.

Features of XKC7243:
 ● 3GPP R10/11 CAT6
● IP65 waterproof, shock-resistant and lightning-protection
● Flexible installation: wall and pole mounted.
● PoE Power Supply
● Adopting 4×4 MIMO
● Usage scenario: Outdoor, Home, office, etc.
● LTE Speed: TDD DL 220Mbps/UL 15Mbps (Config 2:7)

                       FDD DL 300Mbps/UL 75Mbps

Current Marketing Positioning:
 ● The monthly production capacity reaches 700K and the quantity of 4G CPE is 100K per month.
● The current market target is operators, distributors, WISPs, and ISPs.
● Support OEM&ODM service.
● V-SOL is looking for brand agents and now there are more than 32 brand agents around the world.

Both indoor and outdoor 4G CPE make a difference in the access network. With the 4G LTE CPE router, users can enjoy fluent Internet service anytime and anywhere! If you are interested in exploring the field and market of CPE, If you are interested in CPE, you can learn more on the V-SOL CPE pages.



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