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Highway Tunnel Solution

The emergency telephone system and tunnel broadcasts system are dedicated systems to provide emergency assistance to those who seek help, which can also provide road emergency communication services when an accident occurs in a tunnel or a vehicle breaks down. At the same time, it is also the main tool for the monitoring system to collect information on vehicle breakdowns and accidents on the road and to monitor road operations. The emergency telephone is the main component of the information collected in the tunnel operation management system. If traffic abnormalities

“Sharp Eyes” Pragram (Safe City Program)

“Sharp Eyes” program is also called “Safe City” program, which is based on the comprehensive management center at the county, township, and village levels as the command platform. It’s supported by comprehensive management information, based on grid management, focused on the application of public security video surveillance networking. Through the construction of a three-level comprehensive management center to extend the security measures to the masses, social forces and the general public are mobilized to monitor video surveillance and participate in risks prevention and control of public security, so as to


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