Highway Tunnel Solution

The emergency telephone system and tunnel broadcasts system are dedicated systems to provide emergency assistance to those who seek help, which can also provide road emergency communication services when an accident occurs in a tunnel or a vehicle breaks down. At the same time, it is also the main tool for the monitoring system to collect information on vehicle breakdowns and accidents on the road and to monitor road operations.

The emergency telephone is the main component of the information collected in the tunnel operation management system. If traffic abnormalities and major accidents occur in the tunnel, the traffic personnel can quickly notify the tunnel manager through the emergency telephone and request rescue, so that the tunnel manager can quickly carry out troubleshooting actions as below: View the scene through the tunnel camera and command the rescue work through broadcasts.

In order to improve the reliability of the system, this system adopts PON optical fiber transmission technology, which merges the emergency telephone system and the tunnel broadcast system into one system, sharing a set of main control machines.

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