Safe City Solution

“Sharp Eyes” program is also called “Safe City” program, which is based on the comprehensive management center at the county, township, and village levels as the command platform. It’s supported by comprehensive management information, based on grid management, focused on the application of public security video surveillance networking. Through the construction of a three-level comprehensive management center to extend the security measures to the masses, social forces and the general public are mobilized to monitor video surveillance and participate in risks prevention and control of public security, so as to achieve “full coverage and no dead ends” in risks’ prevention and control.

As shown in the figure, the “Sharp Eyes” project is divided into a central management platform and a front-end data collection layer.

The front-end data collection layer includes video surveillance subsystem, vehicle/personal entrance/exit subsystem, intelligent entrance guard subsystem, face/vehicle capture subsystem, alarm joint defense subsystem, etc., which are connected to the upper-level platform through the integrated interface.

The construction of the “Sharp Eyes” project mainly revolves around the construction of integrated interfaces and upper-level platforms. Among them, the integration interface is responsible for connecting each existing public monitoring subsystem to the upper-level platform.

Through V-SOL Tech’s PON transmission solution and the tunneling protocol VPN function of fiber optic broadband developed specifically for the “Sharp Eyes” project, the original public video subsystem can be connected to the central platform through simple configuration to achieve the collection of grassroots data.


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