About Us

With rich experience in FTTx solutions, VSOL R&D, produces and sells XGS-PON devices(XPON ONU/OLT) and 4G/5G wireless CPEs to access the world.

Who we are

Founded in April 2007, Guangzhou V-Solution Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd.(V-SOL) (广州芯德通信科技股份有限公司) is a leading company in fiber optic and wireless communication access field with over years of experience in FTTX and wireless access system solutions. V-SOL focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of xgs-pon fiber optic communication access products, and LTE/5G wireless products, insisting on independent research and technological innovation, for accessing the world!

What we offer

We develop, manufacture and sell optical communication access systems and terminal equipment, and are the first in the industry to launch a number of original products, mainly including XGS-PON ONU/ONT, OLT, VoIP gateway and other network access products, and also provide customized solution services, striving to access the world.

Our Experience

With rich experience in FTTx solutions, VSOL R&D produces and sells PON devices(XPON ONU/OLT) and 4G/5G wireless CPEs to access the world.


Independent IPR


Manufacturing Center


R&D Engineers


Country Market Distribution




Networking Devices

We are backed by accolades and certifications

We have three offices and a manufacturing center

In-depth research covers the whole industry chain.

Shenzhen and Shanghai branches


Dingxing Smart Valley Manufacturing Centre

We set up 5G product development bases in Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively

Our mission

Access the World.

16 Years Of Branding


ONU solution provider

Began to focus on the solution design of EPON

Start sales of VSOL ONU in the overseas markets

Participated in CommunicAsia 2013 exhibition for the first time, opening the overseas market expansion

Invested and established Guangzhou Xinpin Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Started sales of self-developed OLT products

Fiber Access Network Total Solutions
V-SOL was listed on the new third board (Stock Code: 872108)

Made a breakthrough of WIFI6 key technology

Set up MBB product line
Started pre-research on 5G technology

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