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Hotel PON Network Solution

There is a feature called “One room with multiple cables.” in traditional hotels. There are many cables in a room. In general, there are many business systems in hotel rooms with complicated deployment. These bring so much burden to weak good personnel, and this problem has not been well solved. Too many cables and equipment are used, and it turns to be more complicated to the process of pre-wiring and post-maintenance. With the depth of the Internet+, the popularity of intelligence has begun to be applied in hotels, and the

Campus PON Network Implementation Case

Background and analysis With the rapid development of the campus’s data services, it turns out to be more obvious that the network’s capacity and performance can’t meet the demand of the campus’s development better. In terms of the campus network, the situation is that lots of Ethernet switches are needed and there are chaotic layouts of integrated wires, serious energy consumption in the computer room, and limited bandwidth. As a result, it brings a series of issues like Propagation delay of Internet signals (Because it needs to pass through more network nodes), complex network structure, multiple network levels, difficult location and maintenance of faults, expensive copper cables, multiple


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