Campus All-optical Network Solution

Background and analysis

With the rapid development of the campus’s data services, it turns out to be more obvious that the network’s capacity and performance can’t meet the demand of the campus’s development better. In terms of the campus network, the situation is that lots of Ethernet switches are needed and there are chaotic layouts of integrated wires, serious energy consumption in the computer room, and limited bandwidth. As a result, it brings a series of issues like Propagation delay of Internet signals (Because it needs to pass through more network nodes), complex network structure, multiple network levels, difficult location and maintenance of faults, expensive copper cables, multiple levels of equipment, difficult transformation, and high costs of upgrade and update. Besides, the campus network adopts Gigabit backbone network, but it only provides wireless coverage for some areas. To a large extent, teachers and students have been influenced by limited network resources. Modern campus networks need to be high-speed and interconnected, stable and reliable, convenient and manageable, safe and under control. Based on the situation of the modern campus network, V-SOL has proposed a POL All-optical Access Solution for campus Network Application.

POL (Passive Optical LAN) is a passive all-optical LAN. It is a new LAN networking solution based on PON technology. It inherits the advantages of the PON network like More Bandwidth, More Reliability, Flatness, Better Deployment, and Better Management, etc. At the same time, the POL solution fully adapts to the characteristic requirements of campus LAN, such as 802.1x authentication, POE, etc. It shows the ability to be commercialized on a large scale on campus.

Detail of solution

The POL of V-SOL Tech adopts the GPON solution architecture. The OLT is the aggregation network element, and it is deployed in the core computer room. From the core computer room to the users, the middle layer adopts a passive optical splitter, which does not require independent computer room deployment and power supply. The ONT is close to users and is connected to users through a copper wire.

In response to the needs of campus network construction, V-SOL Tech thinks about the high population density of campus. V-SOL has deployed High-tech and cost-effective OLT equipment (V1600G2/V1600G1), which can achieve the function of access and aggregation in the core computer room. With a passive ODN network, V-SOL helps the campus complete network coverage from fiber to the desktop, different kinds of access terminals ONU (ICT3310DPS, etc.). These meet users’ access demand for high-speed Internet, IPTV, etc., and can also make it possible to achieve video surveillance, campus smart cards and other services.

In order to help teachers and students experience unobstructed wireless Internet access, V-SOL makes cooperation with system integrators and China Mobile and adopts the solution of ONU external AP that supports POE power supply, to provide flexible billing methods such as Portal, WeChat, and authentication payment of SMS multi-dimensional access.

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