CATV Receiver

Model: V8601H-1


 Product introduction

V8601H FTTH Optical CATV Receiver has high performance, lower receiver optical power and lower cost for CATV operators providing high quality and excellent FTTH network solutions.

 Technical parameters
Description value Unit Conditions / Notes
Wavelength 1100~1600 nm
Optical Power Input Range -20~-1 dBm Recommend -18 to -1
Optical Input Return Loss ≥45 dB
Bandwidth 47~1003 MHz
Flatness ±0.75 dB 47~1000MHz,At 25 ℃
Slope 0~1.0 dB 47~1000MHz,At 25 ℃
Temperature Stability ±1.0 dB In the operating tem range (-25 ~ +65 ℃)
Output Level 78 dBuV -15dBm input optical power, per channel modulation  4.0%, in the 860MHz point test, at 25 ℃
Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss(47~1000MHz) ≥14 dB At 25 ℃
MER ≥34 dB -15~-4dBm input optical power
Power < 0.8 W
Operating Temperature -25~65
Storage Temperature -40~70
Storage Humidity ≤95 Non- condensation
Optical Connector Type SC/APC FC/ST Optional
Power interface DC5V/0.5A External adapter
RF Output Connector F connector 2 out optional
Dimension 74×64×27 mm
Net weight 0.102 kg
Gross weight 0.116 kg

Technical Parameters


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